Set & Drift is a collaborative studio specializing in art placement. We work closely with clients and artists to develop art programming, place art, and produce commissioned works defined by each project's character and vision. Approaching each project as a collaborative partner, we identify artists and work with fabricators and production teams to bring artwork into residential and hospitality spaces throughout Southern California and beyond. We believe an art program is an opportunity for storytelling, to interact with and engage an audience. 


  • Art selection and placement 
  • Commissioned artwork and installations
  • Mural artwork and production
  • Custom fabrication and art-driven finishes, including metal sculpture and wallpaper
  • Studio visits, events, and seminars

A selection of the artists we work with are featured in the Art Placement section. Contact us to view our collection of artist portfolios and available works. We develop customized presentations of artwork for each project's aesthetic and budget.


Stacy Kelley directs Set & Drift, drawing upon 14 years of experience working alongside artists and designers in the context of the interior design and architecture industry of Southern California and San Francisco. Set & Drift was founded in 2009 by Stacy and her husband, Sean Kelley, with the intent to exhibit the work of artists and designers through experiential, multidisciplinary formats. Through these events, developed in collaboration with an array of talents - from cultural organizations to chefs, designers, and musicians - Set & Drift exhibited the work of acclaimed regional and international artists. Over the years, Set & Drift has emerged as an advisory which places and commissions works by an expanding network of artists and has placed art in tasting rooms and commercial and residential projects throughout Southern California and beyond. Stacy and Sean also run graphic design agency Mother Sponge.