Megan Whitmarsh: September 12, Sweden

whitmarsh Los Angeles artist Megan Whitmarsh has a show coming up on September 12th at K___R____E_T___S, an art gallery/project room in Malmö, Sweden. KRETS shares our common vision, seeking to show contemporary art in a way not bound to the conventional and commercial art market. KRETS works with diverse media and happenings, such as art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, and music performances.

The upcoming show, "YETI CRYSTAL RAINBOW", is up through October 11, 2009, and includes an opening with the artist on September 12th. The exhibit features Megan's signature embroidered canvasses, soft sculpture, and a site specific wall mural, communicating her desire "to synthesize an optimistic vision of the future with the detritus of modern life."

Not in Sweden? We hear ya. Check out her embroidered yetis and other fanciful creations here.

Pictured below - (Not necessarily in this show but one of our favorites nevertheless) -

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