Farm-to-pizza: Session 1

As part of our ongoing attempt to learn the ways of the slow foodie-farmer, we've enlisted ourselves in a workshop at Escondido organic farm La Milpa with the San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project. For 8 full Saturdays, we get to be farmhands, weeding, composting, and cultivating the land. This past Saturday was Day 1, and we collected enough booty to host an inaugural "Eat Easy" back in South Park with farm pizza and brew.

La Milpa grows organic vegetables, herbs, and greens, and is home to a handful of goats, chickens, and kittens. They're at the farmers' markets (Oceanside, Vista, La Mesa, Hillcrest) so say hi to them and buy some stuff. They're doing it right over there.

{They're also hosting their monthly potluck/movie/wood fired pizza gathering under the big oak tree at the farm April 18, 2009 at 5:30 pm...another good time to join in a toast to their dedication.}



Chickens plus chick and chocolate mint sampling


We bartered some time weeding stinging nettle out of the beet plot for a handful of fresh cut cilantro. Owner and bread and pizza making guru Barry generously donated a bit of sourdough starter he's been cultivating for 10 years to get our first batch of pizza dough rolling.

la-milpa-3 la-milpa-5

At the Session 1 Eat Easy we served up Sean's 'New Mexican' pizzas - corn, peppers, onion, poblanos, pine nuts, goat cheese, and farm fresh sourdough and cilantro. Taking a cue from our Berkeley obsession Cheeseboard, we left out the tomato sauce. (We go for a fine layer of chopped ristra chiles in its place.) Delicioso... and much love to our new farm/foodie friends.