Carry On, Beasties! feat. Jolby

Set & Drift gladly presents #1 in the "Carry On, Beasties!" series: a delightfully art-beastly piece by Portland based designers/illustrators Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols (Jolby). Ever since we first laid eyes on their work in '09 at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, we've been quite enamored with their wily creations. So without further ado, for the little monsters in your life, here are some beasties... from Jolby to you:

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“Up on a Hill There Is a Place” by Jolby

Name: These creatures are called “Shapesters”!

They are free-flowin’, easy-goin’, relaxed creatures that are all about having a good time.

Habitat: They all live in this house on a hill in Portland, Oregon, and they share everything.

Superpower: Shapesters can take on any shape they want including animals, plants, and objects.

They also have the ability to make anyone smile. You’ll never see a Shapester frowning. (They are always happy.)

“Encima De Una Colina Existe Un Lugar” por Jolby

Nombre: Estas bestias se llaman “Shapesters”!

Son criaturas muy relajadas que solamente quieren divertirse.

Hábitat: Ellos viven todos juntos en una casa en una colina en Portland, Oregon. Comparten todo.

Super Poderes: Los Shapesters pueden transformarse en cualquiera forma, incluyendo animales, plantas y objetos.

También tiene la habilidad de hacer sonreír a cualquier persona. Nunca verás a un Shapester triste. Siempre están contentos.

About the artists:Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols (Jolby) were both born in California and currently live and work in Portland, Oregon. They create their work with pen, ink, pencil, acrylic paint, and on the computer. They illustrated a children’s book “The King’s Sixth Finger” and are working on a second children’s book! You can find a print of this picture at their shop, and you can visit Jolby here:

Acerca de los artistas: Josh Kenyon y Colby Nichols (Jolby) nacieron en California y ahora viven y trabajan en Portland, Oregon. Jolby crea sus obras usando el bolígrafo, la tinta, el lapiz, la pintura acrílica, y la computadora. Ellos dibujaron las ilustraciones para un libro de niños que se llama “El Sexto Dedo de Rey” y ahora están trabajando en su siguiente libro para niños! Pueden encontrar esta obra aquí y pueden visitar a Jolby aquí:

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(Besos to Odette Alvarez, Maria, & Maya for the translation assistance!)