Review: Liquidation Sale

Photo by Carly Ealey (full photo set of the event here)

Much gratitude to Sezio for the review and insightful documentation of this month's Liquidation Sale hosted by Set & Drift here at The Bakery!

Pop Zen and a Fort with The Vision at The Bakery in Barrio. Fear not, folks, this isn’t 2012. What may sound like an apocalyptic nursery tale was in fact Set & Drift’s latest collaborative event, presenting the work of Keikichi Honna and Wes Bruce, and including a performance by The Vision of a Dying World, hosted at The Bakery on April 3. This event marked The Bakery's gallery debut... <more>

Update: Friday, April 23rd (that's today, folks!) we're opening up The Bakery to Wes Bruce to show the fort one last time before it's dismantled. Drop by and get a tour with the artist himself.