Jules Buck Jones at Kickstarter

Can't help but finding Jules Buck Jones's artwork interesting and endearing.

Heard of Kickstarter? He's posted a project to document his artist residency in Everglades National Park in a multi-media art book. His stats as of today, Feb. 20:

+Raised $4,947 of the $7,500 goal

+42 backers

+82 days to go

How does it work? You give him money, and he makes a kick ass book to unleash on the printing press. You support creativity unadulterated and straight from the source, plus you get something in return. ($50 scores you a copy of the final book and an audio CD).

Kickstarter is a great way to gather small amounts of funds from various backers to get these projects off the ground. If the goal isn't met, your donation is reimbursed. Set & Drift collaborator Acamonchi has a project for Sketching New York City going as well - check it out.

Browse the projects and be a patron! Your fellows will thank you.