Live at Speakeasy Studios

l_f8e0b639e988490dae4125a8ca9a131f There's a north county happening this Saturday that has the makings of a legendary event. The Burning of Rome is playing live at Speakeasy Studios with guests Judgement Day, spoken word by Ed Dekker & live art.

But that's not all...

The darkhorse of the evening is a puppet art show from the mind of visionary North County-import Neil McLean of the UK. While at Lou's Records in Encinitas, we picked up a limited edition DVD sneak preview of Neil's "televisual situation comedy" DUNGEON that he's making in his garage. There aren't many left so hurry over. Your purchase will be made under the watchful gaze of one of the puppets from DUNGEON, who resides on the wall behind the register.

Keep a weather eye on a Minstrel Fridays mixtape from Mr. McLean, coming soon to the Set & Drift blog!