Village Underground Artist Workspace

We love this model for multi-discipline creative activity:London's "Village Underground": a "sculptural space" that hosts artists, architects, graphic designers, filmmakers, writers, and more.

If there's anything consistent about us creative types, it's that we need inspired space -- for architectural models, for interdisciplinary think tank meet-ups, for gallery shows, for filming. etcetera. We've seen a surge in the collaborative workspace concept here in San Diego, and over in London, they've created a non-profit version.

Village Underground is an innovative coupling: ex London Underground tube train carriages have become creative studios, piled above the expansive raw space of a restored Victorian warehouse below, which can be transformed into a flexible and multi-functional arena.

The project hosts a mixed discipline community of organizations, businesses, and practices -- both those working permanently from on-site spaces as well as those affiliated through a wider network of creatives working, playing, and collaborating within the projects' facilities.