Civic Pride

We continue to find reasons to be proud of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Joining the Smithsonian protest is just the latest in a series of decisions at MCASD that show us an organization creating dialogue, embracing the community, and evolving into a new era.

Don't get us wrong, Viva la Revolución was rad, but it wasn't the exhibition itself that most impressed us. It was when they brought in prolific local artist (not to mention talented community builder!) Mike Maxwell, who gathered 26 street artists for the Live Free Wall featured at the Viva-edition of TNT in August. It was when they found solid ways to support Sezio, ourselves, and Turista Libre during the Tijuego Street Art Bike Tour. And more recently, it was when they called up our Barrio Logan neighbors, The Roots Factory to put on a live screen-printing session at the TNT in October.

But perhaps our proudest moment was the unexpectedly visionary hiring of local artist Wes Bruce to run the MCASD Teen Art Council. Bruce is a natural born teacher, a dedicated community builder, and a tireless creator of inspiring work that has captured the imagination of many people, young and old, over the past few years. He's a great fit to lead TAC, and we think it'll have a big impact on the young art leaders growing up around us in San Diego.

You set the bar high in 2010, MCASD. So with a new year ahead of us, what's next?

Update: Wes brought his teen group to the Bakery for a visit, and we're really excited to see these young art leaders push the envelope in the coming years.