Keikichi Honna in Germany

Keikichi Honna, one of our favorite local artists, recently left California for a residency in Germany. Below is an excerpt from a recent correspondence and some photos of his adopted studio space.

I set up my studio in a cool, dark, and dump place, but unlike Cali or C-bus I don't see long leg spiders.  This was a distillery 25 or so years ago.  There are a lot of nice old green glass bottles piled up here and there, and in my place there are about ten large ceramic containers for storing alcohol.  (small ones being 30 gallons, and larger ones being 70 or so gallons) I found that one of them still has alcohol.  I just improvised a scoop, and took a sip.  Strong drink indeed.  No taste, no color, but no charge.  Free Spirit is always good, like a hippie chick!attached pics of my dark, damp, and cold studio, and tea bowls I made to remind my Japanese heritage.