Wanderlust Series: NYC

nyc owl 2009 was a fine year for Set & Drift, as we followed the compass eastward and trekked it over to New York City. October in NYC was host to the Feast conference: an inspiring gathering presented by All Day Buffet that is definitely worth putting on your calendar. It's an interdisciplinary happening of open dialogue and presenters that explores how creativity impacts business in a positive way.


We checked out the Ace Hotel (above). It was inspiring to see the creators behind this hotel putting artists to work to create individualized and soulful scenes behind the beds. Back at home in San Diego, we have been equally excited to see the work of up and coming artists grace the walls of local establishments (like the Tocayo murals featured at local eatery El Camino). We experience creativity in the everyday when business leaders in the community make conscious decisions to showcase it. Got to support that.

Which is why we loved this DIY ice cream truck kicking it in Brooklyn... Unicorns and hot pink bow tie included.

ice cream taco truck

Another highlight was The High Line. The city reclaimed an elevated rail from the 1930's and with the help of a talented team of architects converted it into a mile and a half long public park.

highline NYC

East Coast driftage...


And an undercover shot from the museum.