No Tan Lines 6.15.13

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It has arrived... LWP Group's latest residential project -- Community @ Joy Building in North Park -- is complete and will be unveiled with another of their signature celebrations, as they temporarily turn over the apartments to a band of local creatives. This Saturday, Yeller presents No Tan Lines: a day of festivities featuring installations by some of San Diego's finest artists, craftsmen, and purveyors of food and beverage.

We can't help but love this event format, with rooms open to total creative takeover for your meandering pleasure. It was our honor to present CONSPIRE at Community @ the Martin Building in 2009, with Sezio producing Collide at the recently unveiled Community @ Carnegie last year. They're always a good time, and some of our favorite artists and craftsmen are representing at this year's event, so be sure to drop by and check it out!

Location: 4484 Illinois Street // San Diego, Calif.

Hours: 1-5 pm

Check out the creative lineup here.