MATTER, a mi-workshop joint

As some of you know, we share a studio space with the fine folks from mi-workshop – an architecture & design studio helmed by Miki Iwasaki. Miki has curated one major design-focused exhibition each of the last two years (last year it was called Coffee & Donuts).

This year, Miki and fellow architecture instructor Philipp Bosshart have approached the exhibition from a really interesting angle – prototypes, studies, and the works in progress that lead designers down the path to a final product. The exhibition is called MATTER.

We've watched over the last few weeks as Miki and Philipp received some really interesting and varied work submitted from all over the world, including a TRON-esque helmet prototype, some beautiful ceramic hands with metallic patterns, and some bizarre animal/industrial push toys made from extremely heavy steel parts.

MATTER opens at The Bakery this Thursday, Sept. 1st at 7:00 pm.

More info about the show on Miki's website, as well as a selection announcement on The Bakery website.