Urbanized screening in San Diego

Set & Drift, in conjunction with fellow culture-pushers Neat Neat Neat and the San Diego Architectural Foundation, is proud to present Gary Hustwit's new documentary, Urbanized, screening in San Diego on Sept. 27th. Hustwit's last two films (Helvetica and Objectified) have made a huge impact on the design community, and Urbanized promises the same minimal style we've all come to love.

Urbanized tackles the planning of cities and the incredible transition of mankind into urban centers, which currently makes up over half the world's population (and 75% by 2050). Some of the world's best minds in architecture and planning were interviewed for the film, including one of our heroes, Jan Gehl, who's tasked his firm with "making cities for people."

Sept. 27, 2011 - 7pm USD Peace & Justice Theater Tickets »