Easy Spirits

While 30th Street has developed over the past decade into one of the best craft beer corridors in the US (perhaps the world), the irresistibly sensual wonderland of craft cocktails have been all but absent until now.

Besides Jayne's Gastropub, it's been difficult to find a spot along 30th to slide into a discreet corner with your date and share in the warming indulgence of finely crafted spirits (keyphase, finely crafted) paired with an equally delicious meal. Luckily for locals exploring a nightlife, El Take It Easy recently obtained their liquor license, ushering in an evolved era for 30th Street.

Read more about the cocktails, developed with Dean James of San Francisco's Alembic. We recommend trying the Paloma with hand-squeezed grapefruit juice and 100% Agave. You can thank us later.