Invisible Creature Design Talk at The Casbah

Ryan and Don Clark of Invisible Creature

Josh Higgins of Neat Neat Neat brings designers to San Diego to inspire, and inspire they did. Don and Ryan Clark of the Seattle-based (and Grammy nominated) graphic design studio Invisible Creature descended upon San Diego Saturday, April 2nd to lead a design talk at The Casbah, followed by a live performance by The Black Heart Procession. Having spoken in many a hall and classroom before, the artist-musician brothers called this a welcome opportunity to share their design inspirations in a rock club -- and at the legendary Casbah no less.

With their iconic album cover designs and monster-filled works, the brothers Clark seemingly live in a surreal world – which is perhaps a key to their appeal. But we’d also attribute their charm to all they have to say about the world around them; their passion for the creative process is addicting. Visit the Union Tribune Arts blog post to read more about the inspirations we walked away with.