Cycling throughout Tijuego

One of the greatest things about our two-city region known as Tijuego, is that it's easy and fun to ride your bike from one city to the other (it's only ~15 miles apart!). In the spirit of that accessible adventure, we've taken several rides Southward to discover some really interesting stuff on both sides of the border, from the salt flats, to Suzie's Farm, to moonscaped underpasses, to sleepy little barbacoa joints in East TJ.

Luckily for San Diegans, some peeps at Tijuego will be leading a ride this Friday down South! The objective: to join Paseo de Todos – a monthly ride through Tijuana that's a great way to see the city accompanied by local safety-conscious cycling enthusiasts, beach cruiser dads with their BMX kids, TJ hipsters, and several San Diegans embracing more of their home here in Tijuego.

A word of advice: don't forget your passport or you'll be sorry.