MCASD Teen Art Council planting at The Farm Proper

The Farm Proper in Barrio Logan Wes Bruce hit the ground running at the end of 2010 in his new role directing the MCASD's Teen Art Council, booking several field trips around town for TAC. We had the pleasure of meeting some of the group recently when Wes brought them by The Bakery for a visit. With boundless energy and a willingness to get their hands dirty, the TAC crew planted a bunch of winter seedlings at the Farm Proper under the warm glow of a few shop lamps and the encouraging rhythm of norteño music.

If being down to do some farm work on a cold night in the barrio wasn't impressive enough, the TAC also showed surprising attentiveness while Sean shared some Set & Drift lore on a tour through The Bakery. With the guidance of Bruce, we're excited to see what this group of young arts leaders accomplishes in the new year and beyond.

Side note, the seedlings exploded over the past several weeks with the rains and the lettuce is absolutely tasty! A big thanks to our friends over at Suzie's Farm for providing the broccoli, bok choy, lettuce, chives, kale, and other scrumptious crops. And of course, THANK YOU to the members of the TAC for cruising by The Bakery, hope to see you again soon!