¡Viva Tijuego!

Above: Wall by Calma, in East Village

We had a wonderful time with you all in Tijuego (aka Tijuana+San Diego) this past weekend, enjoying a wealth of street art and experiencing our two cities the way they should be – on bike. We must thank the 15+ organizations we partnered with -- most intimately Sezio and Turista Libre -- as well as our 2010 Patrons who help us put on events like these and further our mission of promoting cultural exchange in San Diego. And of course, thanks to you 150+ cyclists who came out to ride!

Below: Freeway underpass space-scape, Tijuana

Check out the time-lapse of the SD ride from Charles Berquist, with photos of the San Diego ride by Charles here and some Set & Drift Tijuana faves here.

Also... make sure to see the winning photo sets of Tijuana (David Cannon: here) and San Diego (Nadja Lancelot: here), who are going home from the Tijuego rides with gift certificates to El Take It Easy, El Camino, and Velo Cult!

Below: Wall by Shepard Fairey, Hillcrest