Kwangho Lee: Black Whale

Set & Drift is honored to bring the work of Kwangho Lee out from Korea for Current -- an exhibition of hand-crafted design -- this September. For the upcoming exhibition, Kwangho is building a large scale lighting installation, a transformative and sculptural piece knitted with power cords as his unconventional medium. Though born and raised in rural Korea, Kwangho now lives and works in Seoul, and he's been sending us some tantalizing shots of his studio and work in process.

Below: Kwangho uses this table with a circular hole surrounded by pegs to knit some of his pieces. He says he created it after coming across a similar smaller scale tool used in metal jewelry making.

The creation that he's dreamed up for Current has acquired the name Black Whale, a 7 foot long knitted lighting installation that's coming to life and being prepared for its migration to San Diego. Read more about Kwangho's process here and be sure to make a date for The Opening at The Bakery. {Full event details here!}