Press on.

We love modern craftsmen. Whether you grow or cook food, design posters or grind down slabs of marble... it's all about having an undeniable gravitation toward diving head-first into the process.

One such craftsman, Tim at Quality Letterpress, recently helped us print some posters for our upcoming LIQUIDATION SALE art exhibition (take a close look and feel when you see one around town). Tim is a true craftsman, with a horde of antique letterpress equipment and type that he's collected from all over the country (and world!).

If you're a designer, visiting Tim's shop is a must, especially due to his policy with designers who want to get their hands dirty (through classes and shop rental time). There are several letterpress options in San Diego, but Tim's been doing this much longer than most (25 years) and he approaches the work with the passion and curiosity of a mad scientist – e.g. his constant mumbling of calculations as he measures, searches for, saws down and places the "furniture" around hand-set type to create a tight-fitting plate.

If you're a non-designer looking to get some incredible wedding invites, business cards, baby shower announcements, etc... look no further. Tim's apprentice Brett happens to be a darn good designer with a burgeoning knowledge of the letterpress craft, making QL a one-stop shop.

Another note of interest for you audiophiles out there – Tim played in bands, toured Europe and has plenty of good stories from those days. When you head out to his shop, you'll be greeted by the smell of ink and a constant playlist of deep cuts.

Happy pressing!