The DNA of Matt Stallings

Matt-Stallings-ThanksForTheHoliday One of our favorite artists, Matt Stallings, unveils his show After the Bomb Popped at Subtext Gallery in San Diego this month. We've located an interview // photo preview of his work --> Muchas gracias to Sezio for the diversity of questions and the entertaining format, and for letting us ask him what his power animal is.

And so we tell you of the wonder-fulness that is Matt Stallings and remind you to meet him on your computer, and at Subtext, if you are in the area 12.11.09.

Matt Stallings's DNA =

Coffee + Television + Fruit Loops + Cartoons + Bear Suites + Nostalgia + Comedy + 1+1=3 + Madonna Gap tooth + Beer + Kids + Tabloids + Love + Wife + Family + Red Beard = White. Medium height. Slightly hairy human.