Keikichi update from Germany

Keikichi Honna has been hard at work in his Deutschland "cave", completing an artist residency over the past several weeks. We just received the latest update, with images of his latest installation. 2D-barcode-2

Here's an excerpt from his always hilarious emails:

It's been 2 weeks since I wrote "F@*kin' Cunst" on the wall.  After 2 weeks of gruel battle against boredom, I finally finisched the second f@*kin' cunst on the wall.

This is painting of "Data Matrix," or 2D barcode, which encodes German text translated from my following Englisch writing.

In German Every letter has right and duty Every word is pronounced as it should be Let Knopf be Knopf

In German Typeface is as black as a night at a forest No legal limit is set for word length Let them call for Mississippi Steam Boat Company Captain (this would be one long hell of a word in German) in the dark

In German Vowels have crowns (or 2-bit in my own term) Consonant are strong and clear Don't let me say a German word I'll spit in your face

97" x 97" acrylic on the wall no more straight lines on uneven walls!