Keikichi - Day 2 in Germany

The following is a set of photos and musings from Keikichi Honna documenting his experience in Germany and the rigorous process of hand writting black-letter type for his installation piece. "Cunst" is Keikichi's intentional misspelling of "kunst," the German word for art.

Though freshly baked goods are delicious, no rice to eat sucks.  There is tiny Asian store and buy Tofu, but a little old.  But when there is no other choice, I buy old tofu with a little sour taste. I work in old distillery.  Dark and dump, but no long skinny legged spiders and other crowlies.  Try to go for walk in the morning, otherwise I'm confined in that building in a small area of not much larger than 0.125 sqare mile.  Which is central part of Hann. Munden (period after 2nd n, and 2 dots over u) No Starbucks, but many Cafes.  No tattoo parlor, no check cashing service, but so many cell phone stores.  I mean So Many, 5, 6, or 7 stores on main street of 1/4 mile long. Someday I'll go to Berlin to see wild hogs, or maybe Knoot or whatever polar bear. TV without Billy, Paris, and all the juicy celebrity crap is boring.  Not much music choice, neither.  I've been listening Classic FM station.  Bach, Mortzalt, Beethoven and so on all day and every day.  I can't wait to spend another fabulous day on the ladder to make fuckin' cunst!


The first few days were warm and humid, then about a week of cold rainy days followed. Now I see sun shine again, and I can heal my vitamin D deficiency.  I should probably go for walk to McD in 5 kilo from my resident.