We live in a desert

solana-succulents We took a trip to north county last week in hopes of finding some native new world Cacti and drought-resistant old world succulents - we were not disappointed.


Jeff at Solana Succulents hooked us up with a wide range of plants for our Native Curiosities installation at the Thread Show, including several cacti species native to the Southwestern US and Mexico.


In addition to native species, Jeff also offers a plethora of drought-tolerant succulents from Africa and Madagascar as well as some rare species from isolated ecosystems like the Canary Islands. Let's be honest - San Diego is a desert region importing 80-90% of its water (a majority of which is used up by residential landscaping), and these plants are a rad alternative to water-hungry lawns.


Cruise by and visit Jeff next time you're in North County for some xeriscaping help. You'll lower your water bill, help San Diego conserve water, plus you can hit up Pizza Port, which is just around the corner!