Introducing SET & DRIFT.

navigation1 Introducing "SET & DRIFT" - an interdisciplinary creative studio. The literal meaning of these words is the speed and direction of the current under a sailing ship.

Recently, in a serendipitous twist of fate, our paths crossed with a dusty pile of vintage science manuals. As designers and artists, we're drawn to the beauty of their yellowed pages...not to mention their simple instructions on piloting a ship. (The companion book Man In Space breaks down for us the particulars of space travel, musing about the day when man will walk on the moon).

We've noticed a parallel here between the navigation of the high seas and our navigation of the cultural landscape. After all, what we hear of many a time in creative endeavors -- that "happy mistake" that graces our process every so often -- brings to mind the age old tendency of seamen to invite in the unforeseen, allowing the tides and winds to carry us to sought-after uncharted territories.

As a studio, we see ourselves as just one part of an entire crew of creative individuals and forces. So here we set sail, dedicated to collaboration and unearthing creative treasures to share. Hop aboard!