Sweet 16: Phat Beets 2008

It’s a tradition that started about five years ago – friends compiling mixes of songs from our favorite albums of the year and trading them with each other. It has become so personal, mailing musical interpretations of the last 365 days across the country for others to hear, to give insight as to how life has unfolded. Songs often say what you wish you could, in more perfect ways than any Hallmark card. Welcome to my 2008. I’ve got my eyes set on the new year.

- Lauren Daniels seattlegraffiti.blogspot.com


  1. New Country – The Walkmen
  2. Give a Little Love – Noah and The Whale
  3. Blue and Gold Print – Mates Of State
  4. Last Day of Magic – The Kills
  5. I’m A Lady – Santogold
  6. Lately – The Helio Sequence
  7. Hiphopopotamus & Rhymenoceros – Flight of the Conchords
  8. Young Sensualists – Throw Me The Statue
  9. Kids – MGMT
  10. Dance, Dance, Dance – Lykke Li
  11. Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
  12. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? – She & Him
  13. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur – Sigur Ros
  14. Lover’s Day – TV on the Radio
  15. Old Old Fashioned – Frightened Rabbit
  16. It’s Okay – Land Of Talk